Save Yemen From Being Wiped Off The Map

Yemen is currently in a state of crisis for humanitarian reasons. The most severe cholera outbreak ever recorded in the world has claimed the lives of thousands and caused tens of millions of people sick. Hunger strikes continue across Yemen, where people are protesting against in protest against the government’s oppression. They are being accused of using uncontrolled bombing campaigns to eliminate rebel-held areas without regard for civilians’ lives or infrastructure targets.

16 million people go hungry each day in Yemen as well as an health system that’s been essentially destroyed by more than seven years of war there’s no other place to turn. Because there is nowhere else to turn but to their own homes, the COVID19 virus victims are dying because they aren’t sure which direction to take.

The poor conditions that are afflicting the nation have created a favorable environment for sexual transmission of HIV. There are four million people who are without a permanent place to call home, and they can’t even eat enough as food prices continue to rise and wages are low- and not enough money is put into providing basic needs like clean water and healthcare! This is the reason that the pandemic cannot be managed without international help. However, it’s crucial to act quickly before it becomes too late.

Even though the Yemenite people have been fighting Cholera since long ago and are currently in danger. With support from international organizations like World Vision UK and Save The Children US together with COVID -19 in place and in place, it is possible that there might be some hope on the horizon.

How can donating to Welfare Trusts is helping the Yemeni people? Yemen

These welfare trusts are able to provide water and food for millions of people in an age of immense suffering. They have a COVID-19 kit for hygiene to prevent infection, which has already killed numerous Yemenis.

In Yemen the welfare trusts have been working with a lot of energy over the last few years to assist those most in need. They provide humanitarian aid for those in need even when there’s trouble getting to their destination. That’s why they’re vital for international agencies.

We are happy to know the assistance available at an era when many struggle to make even. Partnering with local organisations and dispensing food items as well as cash to enable people to purchase necessary goods while helping to boost the economy, we hope to get people out of poverty or at the very least, get them closer to the point they were.

The generous donors who donate their time and money to this cause have provided women in Yemen an opportunity to regain hope. Hospitals for women’s health are funded by charitable donations. This helps ensure that all women are able to deliver babies without any health problems or dehydration. Rehabilitation units also provide post-birth services, which include medication when needed.

As a response to COVID-19 numerous welfare trusts are offering hygiene kits to families living in makeshift camps, and are supplying safe water to be used by public institutions such as schools or hospitals.

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