New Website Design Trends That Can Help Your Business

Mobile First

Developers and designers are increasingly developing websites that focus on mobile devicessince this is where the majority of their income comes from. Developers and designers who are involved in web design or development must have some prior experience in designing mobile-friendly websites. This is because it will make it simpler to create applications that can be adapted to smaller screens.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

The April rains are bringing May flowers this is why you’re seeing brighter colours and rounded corners appearing on websites. Similar to input forms and profile avatars, backgrounds are no longer restricted to 90 degrees. They can be interesting from different perspectives. This will help your users remain engaged for longer periods of time. Making sure your website aligns with the latest trends helps foster trust between yourself + potential customers allowing them not just to purchase from you but also to recommend your services to increase sales by a significant amount.

More Animations and Interactions

Animated websites are getting more popular as time goes on because of advances in web technologies like the jQuery. These scripts enable you to transform your website into more than only a place to read printed texts. They also permit interaction between the user (and page elements) that was previously limited by the limitations of images.

Websites are increasingly interactive. It is possible to make your site more interactive by using page transitions, sliding information panels, or simple animations. This is an excellent way to add life to your site , without having to stick to the outdated 1990s look. These methods boost interactivity and increase traffic to revenue-generating activities which can result in more visitors per visit (RPV).


The majority of companies are employing the HTML5 tag to safeguard their websites and ensure they remain operating. There are a variety of platforms that let you host video content, including streaming. This has led many companies to consider how they can achieve this more effectively than YouTube and other third-party service providers. The tags let your videos to be integrated into your website. They also provide an array of players to choose from.

Video Backgrounds

With the rise of video backgrounds, you can leverage the power of video backgrounds to your advantage. This will increase the engagement of customers. They can improve conversion rates by offering more details than traditional images. Furthermore, videos are easier to read for people who aren’t able to read the text.

Backgrounds with video can be effective in increasing branding and the amount of customers who return. It can be used for both general purposes and specific types of marketing, like eCommerce content strategies or marketing via video. This can allow you to improve your site’s time and customer engagement.

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