Do You Need The Force To Use A Lightsaber?

The Lightsaber is a deadly weapon that can kill almost any person, is deadly. It’s a beautiful, basic design made from light metal. It has two handles on either end and one switch to turn it on or off in between strikes.

With their distinct human appearance, lightsabers are the most popular symbol of pop culture. These elegant swords are a mystery. How do they function and what is it that makes them so distinctive that they are used to fight for possession or protection against one another’s fury with nothing but thin metals on both sides. It’s not the end of the matter. It’s not the only thing to consider.

Lightsabers were in use since before The Republic was founded. They were invented due to meditation techniques that could be used during the time of war. Their ability to cut through battlegrounds like no other could ever be able to match them was the inspiration behind their creation. While First Blades and Force Wars are legends now however, they might have been true back then. Nobody knows the exact date this took place.

The ancient Star Wars legends tell of a time when two warriors were fighting with brilliant lightsabers. The proto-saber was the first known lightsaber. It was able to emit twin beams of light with its prongs. It also created such an intimidating display that people’s heart beats became too fast.

The lightsaber, which consists of a plasma blade is powered by kyber crystals, is more flexible than the standard weapon. If the emitter matrix is not aligned properly, it can result in disastrous consequences. The modern-day lightsabers have become more complex due to their capability to be swordplay threats and defense tools against the native Tibanna flora that includes plants known for their medicinal uses, such as Mon Mothma grass (which helps treat radiation poisoning).

Imagine the fear that will wash over you when your arm burns and a weapon shot from a weapon of the enemy slices through it. You could try to smother the flame, but when all else fails, you’re probably going to be unable to function in the part was hit by this blast. So, avoid May Lazares (or even worse) at all the cost.

Kyber crystals are Force-attuned rocks that are located on a variety of planets across the universe. These Living Crystals resonate with each other and possess an unspecified consciousness. Some even say they can communicate with themselves or to other living beings or inanimate objects like computers. Crystals that are specially designed can contain and concentrate the lightening ability of lightsabers. Living crystals can be able to withstand extreme pressures, temperatures and temperatures located in stellar cores as well as other conditions that could cause destruction to the majority of materials we know about on Earth making them the ideal vessel to perform this important job.

The Force is always with us even when we aren’t able to feel it. Every kyber crystal has its own resonance. This distinctive sound would aid any prospective Jedi to construct their lightsaber in the direction best suited to their needs. Certain crystals emit music, while others showed harmony, and some gave off coldness without touching anyone.

Kyber crystals make up the heart of a lightsaber, and they join to Jedi Masters to turn their blades with different colors. The most commonly seen color both sides of the blade is blue or green depending on the side you’re on but any other color could result from the unique strength that these old devices are blessed with by Luke Skywalker himself.

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