All You Need To Know About Sadaqah Jariyah

Islam can teach us that there are many ways to give and be rewarding. One way is with sadaqah Jariyah , an act of charity which gives back regardless of the amount that has been received. If, for instance, you start planting seeds for trees, when they are up enough they will provide shade during hot days and help to keep warm in the winter months. This means your good deeds will not end at just one moment in time, but will continue for a long time as their fruit gives food to the world long after the time of our lives.

Jariyah is the Arabic word for charity. There are a variety of jiraiya’s you can give to and we’ve selected five key examples that illustrate how you can take part in this kind of giving. We hope that you will be inspired by these suggestions to keep supporting people through sadaqah.

Adopting a Child, or an Orphan

There are millions of children around the world who have been denied education or lack the essential abilities needed to be successful. It’s unfortunate because those children will never be able to see the value of education. We can help them attain their goals through providing quality early childhood development programs which will provide essential foundations for being able to see the world from different viewpoints and the way they are considered valuable.
We must join forces now to ensure that future generations enjoy better lives than those of us right now.

The contribution of people to making sure their kids are taken care of are often overlooked, but it could provide a chance of success and prosperity, but not only for that particular family member or the individual. By sponsoring a child you will ensure that they are granted access to an education that can equip them with important knowledge should they wish to follow the same path in later the road. This is why your sponsorship impact far-reaching beyond only those who receive help through child sponsorship programs.

Education Skills, Teaching and spreading awareness about Islam

Islam is a religion which is a reward for knowledge-sharing. As Muslims as a people, we are bound by the obligation to serve our fellow beings and invite others into this faith with the correct information regarding it so they too can benefit from the advantages of connecting with God through prayer. Ensuring that someone knows how the Holy Quran is read brings you a reward even after your death. When your student repeats or teaches someone else their mantra, both of you will be benefiting. Don’t wait to die and not perform any good actions.

Develop a water source

Imagine living in a place without access to pure drinking water. It is difficult enough to obtain the most basic necessities of everyday life. But what if you couldn’t access the water? It’s impossible to carry on the day to day routine, doing all the things that are important, such as taking good care of yourself, or work in a profession where proper hygiene is essential (think healthcare). This becomes more difficult when you consider that many developing countries aren’t able to support themselves. They heavily rely on international assistance, which can often come with little in return.

Participating in the Construction of the Mosque, School, or Hospital

Many religious individuals choose giving to schools and mosques to benefit from the benefits. It is also possible to donate time and money to help with goals such as the construction of an orphanage. The money is used on behalf of other individuals who can benefit from these generosity efforts; this is just one of many examples that demonstrate how giving back makes you feel more rewarded than if you were to buy something with all those prayers.

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