Time Off

I had a great lunch with my boss. She is such a nice person, and really young as well. She is only 34 and started this idea. She is completely focused and dedicated to it.

It’s unbelievable how she operates and motives others to give their best in doing so. I really look up to her.

During our lunch I must confess I was very nervous, but she made me calm down immediately and I had a great feeling about her and the idea she is working on. She immediately made sure I was the right fit, it was the best option for her point of view as well, as she did all the trouble in getting me here.

It’s interesting to find out exactly why she wanted an American here. Maybe because she believes so much in out of box, if she is surrounded by people only from the area then how would this be different in a way of the neighbor places.

The lunch was formidable by the way, it was great. The waiter was very professional and the food was outstanding. I will dig deeper into the culture of the Paris and French café’s in general. We don’t know them like this in the West. It’s a completely different world. People seem to enjoy everything more. The wine, the food, the environment and the whole luxury of being alive in general. Enjoyment.