The Change

After graduation the fashion university in the state Ohio it was time for a change. I searched the web and saw a position for an all-round fashion and food lover on the other end of the world (for me at least): Paris.

I applied, at least 5 Skype conference calls later and I was on my way. It was hard work to prove them I was a good fit, but I did it. Packed my stuff, got everything sorted out like my new expat health insurance and was settled to go. About the medical insurance agencies, don’t underestimate the power of a good one.

I arrived at my little apartment on Rue 54 and was ready to smell the culture. The next morning I was awake very early and started looking around. I only had 4 days before my work started and I wanted to get the most of it. Learn about the city, culture, people in a way I don’t look stupid.

My lunch is set at 14:00 today, local time with the owner and I need to keep up my good impressions.