It’s official. The café’s have concurred my heart. They have won me over. It’s my second home, or better yet my first home.

I have been in so many, and my deepest apologies that all the photos I post are about this. But the cafes are unbelievable, the feeling you get and the feeling you receive when being greeted as a ‘family’ member of the café.

I have watched this beautiful movie called Amelie. It’s about a girl who is experiencing life in her own way. She works in the café and you see the way the café works from the point of view of the employees, it’s quite great.

And I think I have almost figured it out, what I want for café. My next article, keep an eye out I will give away my clues and ideas for this.


My Interest

For my work I have to be involved with Fashion and Food. And I am good at it.

But the longer I’m living here in Paris the more I start to realize what my life is about. The more I start to learn to know myself and I am very grateful for that.

Almost everything here in Paris is involving the life of cafes. Every meeting, every social meeting is in a café and I truly love it. When you have the time and you have a normal breakfast in a café it feels like a little holiday of heaven.

The croissant which are still warm, the baguettes which taste terrific with any type of cheese or the real French Marmalade.

I’m starting to think, that when I’m ready and want to start to try something for myself, my own little place that it should involve the things I love.

I want to start think about a new form of Café. A new form of experiencing the true beauty of the Paris café. But it must have a little twist at the end. As it would be new, I couldn’t never win from the authentic ones who are here long before WWII.


Time Off

I had a great lunch with my boss. She is such a nice person, and really young as well. She is only 34 and started this idea. She is completely focused and dedicated to it.

It’s unbelievable how she operates and motives others to give their best in doing so. I really look up to her.

During our lunch I must confess I was very nervous, but she made me calm down immediately and I had a great feeling about her and the idea she is working on. She immediately made sure I was the right fit, it was the best option for her point of view as well, as she did all the trouble in getting me here.

It’s interesting to find out exactly why she wanted an American here. Maybe because she believes so much in out of box, if she is surrounded by people only from the area then how would this be different in a way of the neighbor places.

The lunch was formidable by the way, it was great. The waiter was very professional and the food was outstanding. I will dig deeper into the culture of the Paris and French café’s in general. We don’t know them like this in the West. It’s a completely different world. People seem to enjoy everything more. The wine, the food, the environment and the whole luxury of being alive in general. Enjoyment.


The Change

After graduation the fashion university in the state Ohio it was time for a change. I searched the web and saw a position for an all-round fashion and food lover on the other end of the world (for me at least): Paris.

I applied, at least 5 Skype conference calls later and I was on my way. It was hard work to prove them I was a good fit, but I did it. Packed my stuff, got everything sorted out like my new expat health insurance and was settled to go. About the medical insurance agencies, don’t underestimate the power of a good one.

I arrived at my little apartment on Rue 54 and was ready to smell the culture. The next morning I was awake very early and started looking around. I only had 4 days before my work started and I wanted to get the most of it. Learn about the city, culture, people in a way I don’t look stupid.

My lunch is set at 14:00 today, local time with the owner and I need to keep up my good impressions.